Why We Support Women

Women face wealth gaps due to unequal pay, career breaks and flexible working.

The economic security of women is not just about women.  Women’s ability to earn, save and invest plays a critical role in not just their well-being, but also in that of their families, communities and a nation’s economy. However, many women still confess to being unconfident in making financial decisions and understanding how to invest in financial products. Millennial women are more proactive about their financial situation than the older generation, having come of age in one of the hardest economic periods in the history of the financial markets.

Women face a wealth gap brought on by unequal pay, career breaks and flexible working, and yet they tend to live longer than men.  They need access to financial education and coaching, coupled with affordable investment products, at key times in their lives. For these reasons, women require long term wealth & financial planning which take these nuances into consideration.

Here at Wealth 8, we understand the unique financial challenges faced by women today.  We are passionate about economic empowerment for women, especially black and other ethnic minority women.  Our digital platform addresses your unique financial needs and will help you to manage your finances, so you can take control of your wealth and your future.


Capital at risk. When investing, the value of your investment may rise or fall and there are no guarantees you will get back all the capital you have invested.

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